Rise: The Drum Scores


A Bit of a Story

Putting this book together was really a lot of fun. Though a much tougher process than first anticipated, I’m delighted to now finally make it available. Reminiscing about the show and the year leading up to it has brought back a lot of great memories. At the time, writing and memorizing all this music while preparing for a full competition season was a very intense challenge. As it was only my second season in charge of the drumcorps, aside from an MSR and medley, everything had to be written specifically for the show. I got started in late 2016 and wrote all through the winter, but some sets (I'm looking at you Old School...) were still being put together part way through the 2017 competition season. However, all the preparations and hard work really did pay off as the concert went off without a hitch. We played to a sold-out audience and received a great reception (at least no-one who hated the show came and told me personally!) It was a huge team effort from everyone in the band, the backing musicians, the concert hall staff and crew, and the Glasgow Skye Association, as well as the many volunteers and family members who helped pull it off. It was a truly great privilege to be a part of.

What You Get

A digital eBook in pdf format containing 52 drum scores as well as the snare and bass section score for the Shotts Fanfare performed during the 2017 Pre-World’s concert in Glasgow. There is also a linked table of contents and bookmarks which allow for easy navigation. Most of the material was composed by myself, but the show also featured music from other composers who have graciously allowed their work to appear in this book. Scores from Neil Bruce, Gordon Parkes, Harvey Dawson, Paul Turner, as well as arrangements of scores from the late Alex Duthart and Jim King are all featured. A huge thank you to everyone who has allowed these great scores to be included.

A full setlist of all featured scores can be seen at the bottom of this page.


Name Your Price

Now you have the chance to own the full collection of drum scores from the concert - and the price you pay is up to you! Considering the pricing of other music books out there, I originally had a set price of £20 in mind. However, I realise this could be a barrier to many people who would find great enjoyment from this book. A lot of work went into composing and compiling these scores and putting it all together as an eBook, and I believe there is great value in it to all drummers. But I recognise everyone’s perceived value will be different or maybe your financial situation means you couldn't pay a set amount. That’s why I want to offer this book with the option for you to decide what to pay. You can pay now or you can download the book and pay later. If you have the means and love the book, maybe your contribution will help pay for someone else's who can't contribute.


On the payment page, the minimum price is set at £2. You can change the amount to what you wish to pay and then click checkout…


Thanks for stopping by. If you do download the book, then I hope you will thoroughly enjoy playing these scores and learn something useful too. I’d love to hear your feedback too, so please send me a message once you've had the chance to look though the book.


Happy drumming!

Andrew Lawson

PDF is approximately 45mb. If you don't get a prompt for where to save it, check your downloads folder. On mobile devices PDF will open in a browser. From there you can choose where to save it on your device.

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Here's a list of the music in the book:


1. Diaspora

2. Bob of Fettercairn - Waltz

3. Bob of Fettercairn - Reel

4. The Brown Haired Maid

Rise Medley

1. The Haribo Kid

2. Ian's Wedding

3. Jim Bruce's Rake

4. Mrs Dorothy Miller

5. Ardara Cottage

6. Stirling Castle

7. The Brolum

8. Geese in the Bog

9. Rise

Siskiyou Trail

1. Lark in the Morning - Waltz

2. Lark in the Morning - Reel

3. Mrs Sarah Moan


1. The Highland Wedding

2. Susan MacLeod

3. John Morrison of Assynt House - Alex Duthart, arranged Andrew Lawson

Carradale Bay

1. Carradale Bay - March

2. Carradale Bay - Hornpipe

3. Arnish Light

4. Philip Greer's Big Week

5. Bessie McIntyre

The Siege Set

1. The Siege of Dubrovnik

2. Carnage Drive

3. Boys of Ballymote

4. Moneymusk

The Old School Set

1. Andrew and Colin Lee

2. Duckin' and Divin - Gordon Parkes

3. Waulking Songs - Harvey Dawson

4. Braes of Tullymet

5. Wullie's Dram - Jim King, arranged Andrew Lawson

6. Megalomania - Paul Turner

7. Lucius Warren and the Confrontation

8. The Crooked Bridge

Seumas J Medley

1. Seumas J Lawson

2. The Kesh Jig

3. The Whistling Postman

4. Villa 33

5. The Angels Share

6. The Strathspey King

7. Thoughts O'Burns - Strathspey

8. Thoughts O'Burns - Reel

9. The Steampacket

10. The Night we had the Goats

Big Jig Set

1. Tulloch Castle

2. Alexander MacAskill of Berneray - Neil Bruce

3. The Braes of Mellinish

4. The Curlew

Hector the Hero

1. Ms Megan Harrington

Shotts Fanfare

1. Snare Score - Ian Morris and Andrew Lawson

Shotts Fanfare

1. Bass Section Score - Ian Morris and Andrew Lawson